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Defence Procurement International Spring 2015 Journal; Special Maritime Issue

See the latest issue of Defence Procurement International Spring 2015 Journal and the excellent articles from Jonathan Hill, Dr Trevor Dobbins and Tyler Brand.

In the 12 page special they look at some of the key considerations that procurement officers need to consider when aquiring high-speed vessels, including the human factors (vibration, shock mitigation), command and control, navigation systems, designing vessels for effective maritime interdiction operations.

Combatant Craft C4I – It’s Not About The Boat

Buying a combatant craft is one thing, but often little attention is paid to the display layouts, high-speed navigation and command and control systems that are essential for combat and operational effectiveness.

By Dr Trevor Dobbins, STResearch UK, 20 Knots Plus

Relative Superiority By Design

Is the continued research by Trident Marine Director Jonathan Hill to improve design of Maritime Interdiction craft. Designing a craft if the modern world to conduct MIOPs need to be designed in support of the principles of RS.

By Jonathan Hill, Trident Marine & 20 Knots Plus, UK.

Enhancing Operational Effectiveness And Interoperability

High-speed boat operations for maritime interdiction are demanding and challenging at the best of times. However, simulation can provide a more effective and safe training environment allowing for the recreation of complex scenarios, which may be hazardous on the water.

By Tyler Brand, 20 Knots Plus, Canada.

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