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Relative Superiority By Design

RS by Design

Understanding how to improve mission success whilst still in the design stages is vital in the modern military operations. Military operations successes are no longer measured in large decisive single events but smaller skirmishes with even smaller margins between success and failure. RS by Design aims to aid the designers and manufactures to understand how to aid in success with the design of the craft not just in its application.

RS should be considered at every stage of the design process (See image: Naval Architects Design Process; High Speed Craft Human Factors Engineering Design Guide). Military training, tactics and procedures (TTPs) continually develop to maintain the advantage over the enemy, this advantage should be supported by the craft design at every opportunity. The RS principles that of Simplicity, Security, Repetition, Surprise, Speed and Purpose should be applied at every stage of the design process.

The demand for more Maritime Interdiction Operations will only grow in the future. The threat from extremist groups conducting asymmetric warfare and the new evolving threat of hybrid warfare will all utilise the ability to move terrorist personnel, materials and funds across pours maritime boarders. The ability to interdict these movements anywhere and at anytime has always been essential but will only increase in it necessity.

The margins of success will be squeezed from both sides, by more effective terrorist organisations, budgetary constraints, increased operational demands, shorter notice, further away, harder to reach and reduced support.

Current and near future craft will need to support the myriad of future maritime operational demands. The future craft designers need to look into detail, how operations are conducted and planned, not just into weight, size, speed, systems, pax numbers and cost.

The increased potential of craft capability by applying the RS design process and improved human factors has the ability to make the difference between success and failure in future maritime interdiction operations.

If you would like to know more about RS by Design and how this process can aid in improving your craft designs please contact me at

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