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"Don't accept the abnormal?"

Welcome to Trident Marine Services, please contact us if you have any specific needs or what to discuss options. 


Trident Marine Services encompass all the safety needs of TV & Film Production Safety.  We are able to assist in all topics from Production Safety Managment systems, Stunts, SFX, Fire Prevention, Location and Construction Design and Management. We are able to assist online or on site to deliver your safety requirements, establish a robust safety system, monitoring always leading by example.  The dynamic and fast pace of the productions should not hinder or reduce your safety standards.  Speak to our experienced safety advisors and see what we can do to assist.  Trident Marine has delivered safety on some of the largest Productions whilst maintaining high level of safety across the board from Prep, Shoot and Strike

Production Safety

Trident Marine has established itself as a leading provider of safety advice to the TV & Film industry, with extensive experience with major studios such as Disney, Marvel, LucasFilm, FX and BBC.   

Fire Safety

With the increase in fire accident within studio's, fire prevention is a vital part of Production safety.  Trident Marine has embraced this with market leading support to Productions with a robust and simple system to control, monitor and record fire risks and mitigations. 

Arduous Environments & Locations

Film & TV Production is a global enterprise with no limit on the creative locations used during the shooting of TV & Films.  Shooting in arduous environment brings an additional risk factor and problem to planning such as extreme heat, cold, water, security and wildlife. In order to protect your Crew during these periods detailed planning and advice is vital.    

Our Vision

Welcome to Trident Marine, we are a proactive company in all aspects of TV & Film Safety, asking the "What if questions" and challenging "the acceptance of the abnormal". 


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